Capture that priceless moment forever !!

All golfers have got one, that day your buddy stood on the tee all set up for the drive of a lifetime (500 yds at least) you can read his mind "I'm goner cream this one" only to top it 30 yds into the pond closely followed by his up till then sacred driver. Or the day that Fred's wife told him to choose golf or her (divorce pending).

Send a photo or description of the people involved and a rough description of a situation in as much detail as you can and let our resident world famous cartoonist Mick Daines create an individual masterpiece for you either by post or by emailing

A black & white proof copy will be sent for approval to ensure the moment has been caught and then the picture will be hand coloured by Mick and framed. You may also have an engraved plaque added with that special message.


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